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Hi, our names are Sarah and Nathan Cooper. We are based in Sheffield in England, but are preparing to move to South Africa in September '06 to join a church planting team in the Western Cape. We hope that this blog will keep you up to date with our progress as we embark on this new adventure. Watch this space...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Going mobile...

Hello from a hot and sticky Worcester. Sorry it's been a while since we actually published anything about our work. I guess we've been too busy working! Anyway, last week saw the start of a new venture for The People's Church, the Mobile Ministry Unit(otherwise known as 'Big Bird'). With this purpose-built trailor we were able to take our weekly kids program in to two townships for one hour of games, songs, quizzes and ice pops. It's exciting that we can go to where the children are, rather than waiting for them to come to us... and they came in their hundreds.

Nathan's parents also returned home last week after a great month with us, seeing what we're up to and falling in love with this beautiful country. So we're readjusting to a quiet house again. Keep your comments coming. We love to hear from you whereever you are. Right then, back to work.


Blogger asFAFSA said...

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Anonymous Ray & Val Cooper said...

Hi, Nathan & Sarah !
Thank you for sharing your house and your time with us over the month of January.
It was an honour to feel part of the work you do with 'The People's Church'.We now know lots of the people you work with and can visualise them when we think about them.
South Africa is beautiful.We know you are working hardbut at least when you stop you can enjoy the beauty all around you and recharge your batteries.
Give the 'Next Levelers', 'The People's Crafters, and the team our love.
Mum & Dad Cooper xx

4:10 pm  

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