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Hi, our names are Sarah and Nathan Cooper. We are based in Sheffield in England, but are preparing to move to South Africa in September '06 to join a church planting team in the Western Cape. We hope that this blog will keep you up to date with our progress as we embark on this new adventure. Watch this space...

Monday, September 11, 2006

On the road

We have waved farewell to Sheffield and all our precious friends there, and are now on the road! We're doing a super-sized round of good-byes to all our relatives, before flying out on Wednesday.

We were very relieved to get our visas back at the weekend, having only sent them in the previous Tuesday. We had had some setbacks and were hanging on for our police checks, which meant we sent them in with only 10 working days to spare (the time we had been told it takes to process the application). We also had a nice suprise in that our deposits (£600 each) and our application fees (£35 each) were all returned to us! Praise God, and thank you to everyone who was praying on our behalf.


Blogger Emma A said...

So Glad we found you! Praying for you guys on this exciting and new adventure! Blessings blessing blessings, Dan and Ems.x

3:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,

It was great working with you, good luck to both you and Sarah in South Africa, miss you already! Enjoy your time there, hope all goes well for you and well done for taking this step to do some fantastic work to help many people in need. Keep in touch, I will follow your progress on this blog,

Lots of love and best wishes to you both

Charlotte x

2:34 pm  

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